My Top 10 Ways to Remember your Loved Ones At Your Wedding

honoring your loved ones at your wedding

Adding Sweet Memories to Your Day

While wedding days are always full of amazing new memories and celebration, sometimes we sadly do not have everyone there that we wish we had. 

 Finding ways to incorporate those we love and have lost is a beautiful way to honor their memory and remember your loved ones.  Here I have put together some of my favorite ways and ideas to do so.

Remember your Loved Ones

Put Out Pictures of Passed Loved Ones

Simple yes, but still wonderful to see the smiling faces and happy memories of our loved ones.  A lot of times I see this near the entrance table as a table all on their own with candles to share the memories with everyone.

You can put beautifully printed photographs of passed loved ones along with tokens of them. Or have a separate table all together with just photographs and candles to honor them. 

Remember your Loved Ones

Include something from their Wedding


Always so sweet and amazing to see, is when a couple is able to actually utilize something from a passed love one from their own wedding day.  I have seen veils, watches, hanker-chiefs,  and jewelry done this way.  Or even once had the same bible used to officiate the parents wedding was used in the couple’s ceremony.  Never bad to see what details they may have had and include it in your own.


This can also be done in the form of a gift, as I recommend in this blog post all about stunning wedding day gifts for your partner.

Wear a token of their memory

Much like the previous, but in a smaller way.  This can be something like a grandmother’s rosary or locket or even a hair pin.  Something small in remembrance to pin with on flowers, your hair, or suit.

Remember your Loved Ones
Remember your Loved Ones
Remember your Loved Ones
Remember your Loved Ones

Save a seat for them

This, admittedly is one of my favorite ones to see. I have seen where they have a picture on the seat, a candle, a flower, or even that the seat is unique by color or style.  It is a great addition that really has a large impact visually of the one who we miss and wish was with us.

Remember your Loved Ones

Combine their favorite flowers to Remember your Loved Ones


This is a beautiful nod to our sweet loved ones.  And sometimes can be an inside joke.  It can be a single flower in a bouquet or boutonnière, the main bulk of the flowers of all the arrangements, or even something like here where they used the leaves and petals for the ceremony. 


Another unique way is by using the flowers in your wedding stationary, by utilizing artistic folks like Rocky Wood Studio to make custom paper with those florals.

Remember your Loved Ones

Cheers to them with their favorite drink

Sometimes the best way to remember someone is by celebrating in them.  Whether its the nighttime tea they always had, a cocktail they always had named after them for bar service, or just to know that you are serving only red wine because that is what they would prefer.  It is a fantastic nod to celebrate them on your big day.

(also make sure to check out this adorable coffee session here)

Something Sweet to Remember your Loved Ones


A sweet way to also remember our loved ones is through the treats we give our guests.  Something special like this is sure to bring a smile to your guests, while bringing back sweet memories.  Personalizing napkins, bags, or signage is a great way to do this.

Do they have a special recipe they were known for? Maybe make that as a specialty and display the recipe and a photo of them with it.  

Remember your Loved Ones
grandparent heirloom session
Remember your Loved Ones

Get Married in their favorite place Remember your Loved Ones

Something maybe bolder than the others is to actually get married at a location special to them.  Maybe your Nonna always talked about how she would swim in Lake Como every summer, then why not to honor them in a fantastic way, get married in that spot and post a picture of her there. I don’t know about you, but that makes my heart melt already.

Destination sound daunting? Not a worry, as I specialize in travel and destination weddings and elopements.  Take a look at this guide here if a travel or destination wedding or elopement sounds right for you and remembering your loved one.

Include the things/ ones they loved

Whether it is grandpa’s hat,  Dad’s old car, or the work horse from your family farm that your Mom loved so much, bringing in elements that were special and so so loved by our loved ones is a great way to feel all the more like they are present with you on your wedding day.

I love seeing the unique ways people bring in more memories.

Remember your Loved Ones
Remember your Loved Ones, perfect wedding day gift

 Include music they loved.

What is a celebration without a little music.  And I bet you know some of their favorite songs to dance to, to sing to, and to play.  So why not find a lovely way to incorporate some of their favorite music or even favorite song.  I just love this couple and how they brought a favorite vinyl to do such a beautiful thing in remembering their loved one.

This can also be done as a gift as described in my blog post here all about unique gifts for your wedding day.

Remember your Loved Ones

Creating Art with Their Masterpieces to Remember your Loved Ones

Some of our loved ones are just absolutely talented and what better way to bring them into our wedding day by utilizing their talent in either invites, place markers at dinner, welcome signage, or even the ceremony program.  Really anywhere you like.  It is a very intimate way to combine a bit more of their spirit in a special way into your wedding day.

Looking for More Ways to Add Something Special?

Then definitely make sure to take a look a this blog post all about ways to make your day, completely you.


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Remember your Loved Ones
Remember your Loved Ones
Remember your Loved Ones
Remember your Loved Ones

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