Your 2021 Austin Wedding- the Amazing Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Austin Texas

Your 2021 Austin Wedding- the Amazing Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Austin Texas

austin texas wedding photographer

Austin Texas is such a unique and wonderful city that has an array of things to offer to everyone.  So of course what better idea than having your very own Austin Wedding or Austin Elopement? Austin is the capital city of Texas, and with a history that greatly shows how it has for a long time been a place drawing innovation and growth for many years up to the present. A city that, despite its growth, preserves its history, and uniqueness, and a lifestyle of embracing the beauty of Austin.  

Surprisingly enough, Austin is also home to some absolutely astonishing wedding venues and elopement locations, and the more that you look the more you are able to find.  It is my joy and honor to put together this guide to help you as you embark on your wedding planning process. And as I always say, I am absolutely available and more than happy to help my couples in this process and help you plan out a fantastic wedding without the stress. 

To start off your planning journey I always suggest you consider three main things to help you start, you can find those 3 big considerations in this post here.  To really break down the whole process of planning I suggest this read about how to go about planning your wedding and even how to have it be stellar with all the covid wedding talk.

To start off, one of my favorites, are Austin elopement locations to consider.

austin elopement locations

When I first arrived to Austin I was actually really taken by surprise at how much there was to explore just in the city. 

There are so many stunning locations that vary from waterfalls, caverns, rivers, lakes, and some beautiful countryside.  The city itself is full of beautiful places to walk like Lady Bird Riverside, Barton Creek Greenbelt which my pup and I frequent.

And through my explorations I have found some stunning places for elopements, as always do your research through either through Texas State Parks Website or on my favorite, All Trails Guide. Now these may not be particularly local to Austin, but within a maximum 3 hour drive, but gives you a crazy variety with easy access from Austin. 

Hamilton Pool for example is a wonder on its own. 

Hamilton has turquoise waters that you can walk around until you are underneath the overhang watching those magical waters fall down. 

It can be busy so plan well, but this little gem can create a beautiful moment that you will truly love in photographs. 

And it is not a one hit wonder, if your crazy adventurous you can plan on getting a little wet, or a paddle board, or use the trails as variety for photographs. 


The closest and basically, right in Austin, is McKinney Falls Sate Park.

Mostly known as a hot spot for swimming this place is absolutely gorgeous to photography. 

McKinney Falls is just a short 1.1 mile hike, but be prepared to get your feet a little wet. 

Mind you this spot is wonderful if you are having a smaller wedding as there are wonderful spots for larger camping to hold a ceremony and family, and a place for all out of town guests to stay.

Pedernales State Park by Austin Wedding Photographer

One of my personal favorites is Pedernales Falls State Park.

This Falls Park offers a variety especially when the water is lower and you can explore all the nooks and crannies between the rocks as well as here you are in the beautiful Dripping Springs area which pulls in that stunning Texas Hill Country vibes into these beautiful rock formations.

A small Austin elopement here is killer.

Pedernales falls is also very close to some other beautiful trails, but take a look at some of the lesser known trails for some beautiful variety. 

Please note that some of these waters are not for swimming in, despite how refreshing they may look. 

Longhorn Caverns State Park by Austin Wedding Photographer

Consider Longhorn Cavern State Park as one of the more unique locations to get married.

Longhorn Caverns does require some detailed planning, as if you want to be in the caves for photos or ceremony, you need to reserve the right time and obtain the correct permits.

Even if you do not end up doing your Austin elopement here, definitely consider taking a walking tour. 

Also don’t think you will be underground all the time, there are some beautiful original structures from the 1930s on beautiful grounds right above that are fantastic for pictures as well. 

Colorado Bend State Park by Austin Wedding Photographer

Waterfalls? in Texas?

Take a peek into Colorado Bend State Park to find a few gems like this for your elopement.  With over 5 thousand acres, you’re sure to find a unique and stunning spot for a variety of photographs for your Austin Elopement at Colorado Bend Park.

Sound maybe overwhelming?

Not a worry, here is a list of some of the top trails or as always we can chat about some killer spots that I know of and would love to share.

Gardner State Park by Austin Wedding Photographer

Fall Austin wedding favorite of mine has to be Garner State Park.

Located along the stunning Frio River, Garner State Park offers a variety of hiking, but mostly I love all the stunning foliage in fall. 

The mix of water, rolling Texas hill country, and perfect weather is hard to beat when it comes to your Austin Elopement or Austin Wedding.

One of the things I truly love about this location is that the whole family could camp here and have a blast before or after your ceremony, and can have a wonderful time.  

For those couples who are avid kayakers or paddle board enthusiasts there are some stunning opportunities to be taken advantage of for river shots as well! 


austin wedding venues

There are so many amazing wedding venues in Austin, its amazing what beauties are tucked in the city.  Check out this article on unique austin wedding venues or if you don’t mind a little travel check out this article on European Texas Venues. But here is a quick list of some favorites! 

Here is a list of favorite Austin Wedding Venues listed by price. But for now, let me sort a couple favorites in genres for you to consider.

Cool Airbnbs as Austin Wedding/ Elopement Venues

Okay, here me out.  Since I love love love travel I have used Airbnb a good amount, and there are some amazing places out there you can stay.  Some are even large enough for a wedding.

So consider looking into Airbnb for unique and amazing options such as The Governors Mansion or  Bloomhouse. Yes, most are best suited for smaller weddings, but can you imagine even the getting ready photos. Breathtaking.

Check out a great list here.

Governor's Mansion Austin Airbnb
photo from airbnb

best season to get married in austin

THe wonderful thing about Austin is that the weather is pretty consistent.  There is a cold spell here and there and a little bit of a rainy season, but in the heat of the summer Austin offers shady riverside retreats, and in the cool of winter theres still sunshine and beautiful fields to play in.  For a great month by month look check out this local post on Austin’s Monthly Weather


Spring is beautiful especially for the fact that the bluebonnets will be in bloom and boy do they bloom.  It is a lovely time for being outside as it is comfortable and tends to come with a breeze.


We will just say it gets warm.  Very warm. 

Indoor options are always great, and be mindful of outdoor locations to stay well hydrated and schedule in rest time to stay cool and good to go. The wonderful thing is that you can stay up late and not worry about getting a chill.


Probably my favorite, as there seems to be an autumn bloom of different flowers and color changing foliage.  The weather is back to that nice breeze and you will find yourself outside playing in the sun while running through cornfields.


Although winter time does provide a cold spell or two, bundling up and walking around in the sunshine with a winter breeze is actually really wonderful. This is the time I love to take elopements to the canyons outside of Austin to breath in that country air.

Austin Texas Wedding and Elopement Photographer

wedding vendors in austin

austin wedding planners

Making your day run smoothly without a hitch is a hidden blessing that you should definitely consider.  All those details on the day of are taken off your plate and you get to fully relax and enjoy. 

Here is a few, but check out this list here too.

Blue Sparrow Events 

Bianca Nichole Events 

Events by Leslie 

XO Moreau Weddings & Events 

36th Street Events 

Wild Sky Events 

KMW Events

austin wedding florals

Although most venues around here are wonderful about planting a variety of plants that provide year round color, its always wonderful to include some amazing floral pieces and there are some talented wedding florists in Austin to choose from!

Consider a few of these or take a gander at this list here as well!

Whim Hospitality 

the Bloom Bar

Wildly Cultivated

Farmer and I

Flora Fetish

Stems Floral Design

austin wedding caterers

Something I have learned quickly in Austin, is there is some glorious food to be had.  From barbecue, to all ethnics of food, even seafood, there are gems of caterers to be found and why not have some of that on your wedding day. 

To name just a few: 

Royal Fig

Pink Avocado 


Peached Tortilla 

Crave Catering 

Salt Lick BBQ

austin wedding videographers

The artistry of video is growing and starting to become more common to look for as well for your wedding day so not only can you remember your beautiful wedding but so you can share with all you love. 

Here are some videographers I love to have come along for the journey. 

Jake Austin Films

Ocular Pop

Moonlit Weddings

Reverent Films

The McKellars 

Legalities of getting married in austin

Requirements for getting married in Texas are pretty simple, including getting your marriage certificate in Austin.

Age requirement: both parties must be at least 18 years old.
State residency: you don’t need to be a state resident.
Identification needed: both parties must present a valid photo ID (like a driver’s license or passport).
Waiting period: after the license is issued, there is a mandatory 72-hour waiting period before you can have the wedding ceremony (unless you are an active member of the military).
License expiration: license is valid for 90 days.
Witnesses required: none.

Before you go - traveling to a wedding in austin

The good news is that the Austin – Bergstrom International Airport is about 20 minutes from the heart of town.

For those coming from out of town there are multiple shuttle, bus, rental, and app services (like Uber or Lyft ) to help you get around town, as well as if they stay in downtown, there are many hot spots to walk to (or scooter 🙂 ).

Austin Texas city
fun things to do in austin

There is so much to do and see in Austin whether you are looking for outdoor adventure, festivals, city combing, or old school vibes.  Grab your free Austin Guide here and take a look at what interests you for when you visit. Austin’s big slogan is Keep Austin Weird which can come from the arts, the overall expression of people, or maybe even just our hoard of food trucks.

Austin Texas skyline

Also it is wise to take note of what festivals are going on throughout the year as the prices of places can go up, and the availability go down.  To note a few, these are festivals that tend to happen through the year. So once you decide on your date see what is happening so that you are aware of possible back ups, or also just aware of some fun things to do in between events. 🙂

March: SXSW (South by Southwest) Music, Film, and Interactive Conference
March: Rodeo Austin
April: Austin Food + Wine Festival
April: Austin Reggae Fest
May: Pecan Street Spring Arts Festival
June: ATX Television Festival
August: Austin Pride Parade and Festival
August: Bat Fest
September: All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Fest
September: Texas Craft Brewers Festival
October: Austin City Limits Music Festival
October: Austin Film Festival
October: Viva La Vida Festival and Parade
November: Celtic Festival
December: Austin Music Video Festival
December: Austin’s New Year


let's start planning your austin wedding or elopement!

Now that your creative juices are flowing and you have a fantastic reference to get started planning your very own Austin Wedding or Austin Elopement head on over to the contact page to make sure you have the best Austin Wedding and Austin Elopement Photographer to capture all that beautiful magic for your perfect day!

2021 Amazing Ultimate Guide to your Austin Wedding

Table of Contents: 

1. Austin Elopement Locations 

2. Austin Wedding Venues 

3. Spring Austin Weddings and Spring Austin Elopements

4. Summer Austin Weddings  and Summer Austin Elopements

5. Fall Austin Weddings and Fall Austin Elopements

6. Winter Austin Weddings and Winter Austin Elopements

7. Austin Wedding Planners and Austin Elopement Planners

8. Austin Wedding Florals and Austin Elopement Florals 

9. Austin Wedding Caterers 

10. Austin Wedding Videographers and Austin Elopement Videographers

11. How to legally get married in Austin 

12. Traveling for an Austin wedding or Austin Elopement 

13. Fun things to do in Austin for your wedding or elopement trip.

14. Plan your Austin Wedding or Austin Elopement with Fyrelite Photography!

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