2024 Wedding Trends – My Prediction

10 upcoming wedding trends- my predictions and what you can do with them

Being a part of the ever evolving world of weddings as a destination wedding and elopement photographer, lets me really see first hand the trends of the industry as they come and go.  I have seen film rise from the dead, the rise and fall of burlap and lace ( thank you ) and the constant tried and true traditions evolve into unique interpretations of the sort. 


With this unique lens into the industry, I feel that I can usually predict a trend or two coming up for the following year, or let’s be real, maybe just the season.  


Here are my current predictions. 

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Still Make Your Wedding Day Yours

Please keep in mind that although these are some trends that I see coming up the ranks, I always encourage, first and foremost, that you stay true to what you love. 


Just because I see these on the horizon and may love them personally, it doesn’t mean you have to 🙂 

new destinations in sight for destination wedings

As a traveling wedding photographer that specializes in destination weddings and elopements I tend to see trends go through different locations and areas.

With great joy this last year, there was a huge boom when it came to destination weddings in Italy.  But for this upcoming year I have a hunch that we will start seeing more destination weddings in Mallorca, Portugal, and Sicily.


These destination wedding locations have some venues that boast unique architecture and undiscovered landscapes that are not yet over run by toursits, which of course attracts those travel lovers to host their destination wedding here instead. 

fabric details

Although you can include myself in being one who loves an absolute array of florals at a wedding day to really make a huge impression, I have a hunch that soon we will see more fabric elements to add movement and texture to designs. 

I’ve only started to see this popping up, but it is a great option for couples to really make an impact without the need of florals ( and the price tag to have said large amount of florals ) to really create an environment like in this stunning wedding in Italy. Make sure to check out Mia Sylvia and her stunning designs for drapes.


Another fabric detail we are seeing more of? Bows. In all the ways and its gorgeous 🙂 Check out  Edenique Floral Design to see some killer bow action.


wedding bow detail on shoes
destination wedding and elopement small guest dinner party, intimate wedding

smaller guest counts and more intentional weddings

Trust me, living in Texas, I still see weddings that the guest count is minimum 300 people, but I have noticed a trend of smaller weddings where the maximum is 30 people. 

This really allows for couples to soak in some quality time with their guests and keep the wedding elevated without the stress of the high count of people at their day.

Intimate luxury weddings have been an absolute game changer in creating more relaxed and enjoyable wedding days, that still are everything the couple dreams of. 

the two of you
getting lost in how much you love each other,
that is what makes beautiful photos

extended celebration times

Along with seeing more intimate destination weddings and elopements, I have also started seeing wedding weekends vs wedding day. 

Alot of couples planning a destination wedding opt to extend their time to a onger spread time to celebrate with their loved ones.

This can include an outing for each side of the wedding party, or even just fun group events planned here and there. 

That way, while in a beautiful location, the guests and couple can enjoy exploring and relaxing together and then having a day of celebration where they have a ceremony and reception.

destination wedding and elopement cocktail hour

elevating your destination wedding

What is also great about some of these upcoming trends? That I believe they are all wonderful ways to add that elevated feel of style or luxury, without feeling like you are having to add everything and the kitchen sink, and without having to look like every other wedding you have ever seen. 

colorful fall destination wedding cake

bringing in color to your destination wedding

Sometimes when it comes to decor and detail less is more. Lately, there has been a rise in deep and vibrant colors, instead of keeping the color scheme all one color,, or limited in color.  

When done well, a vibrant color pallete  can add that bit of luxurious feel without needing anything else.

It is a great way to create something that feels inviting and unique.

And in case you are wondering about those photos with all that babys breath.  It doesn’t smell awesome. Just for your own knowledge. 

making weddings more moody

One of the reasons that I love being a wedding photographer, is that at weddings there is so much emotion to capture. 

A way to really highlight this, is to having multiple “moods” for your day. 

One way to create a great moody romantic scape is to have have candelight reception which I have seen an increase in. 

It is a great way to make the setting feel all the more romantic and intimate, and with the right photography, it really can showcase this feeling of mood in your day. 



fun and innovative wedding party favors, mood photographs

interactive wedding guest favors

A really fun up and coming detail I have seen is the level of interactive items for guests.

Guests can get involved by taking Polaroids, leaving messages for the couple on a rotary phone, or even having an on site artist to capture your guests as a unique take home. 

So much better than a chocolate if you ask me 🙂 

This, I feel, is a great way to make a wedding day all the more fun as a guest and everyone has a unique experience as well as unique takeaways for the guests and the couple. 

It is all about creating an experience

I have to say that what I do love about these trends that I feel are on their way, is that it is all about creating an experience which is exactly what I love to help couples do.  Your wedding day shouldn’t be a day filled with stress and pop and circumstance, it should be a joyous day of smiles, laughter, and love.

interactive seating charts

Riding on the coat tails of a more interactive experience for the guests comes interactive seating charts. 

Couple’s are forgoing having a list on a mirror or poster for guests to find their seats and instead I have seen an array of really imaginative ideas. 

From finding a book with the guests name, drink glasses, puzzles, records, you think of it, it can probably become a seating chart display that is unique and really fun. 

Personally I love moving away from the poster list as they tend to fall over any way, and who doesn’t love a little play before they have dinner.

destination wedding seating chart option
destination wedding and elopement party fun

more fun for everyone

While some things tend to stay relatively the same in structure, receptions have become more lively and out of pocket over the years. 

Recently, I have really seen couples plan out fun events at their receptions, so although they still have their first dances, there is plenty for the couples and guests to enjoy. 

In particular I have seen a lot more couples opting for out of pocket options such as having animals at their wedding, for carrying drinks or for pets.  Bull riding has been a surprise that has started to pop up more, as well as other carnival esk events for everyone to enjoy!

have the best freaking day of your life

At the end of the day, it is fun to see what other’s are dreaming up, but the best advice I can ever give is to make the day what you would like.  If any of these ideas sound amazing to you, go for it, if not, skip it. 

Ready to chat more about your destination wedding or elopement so that all of the fun is captured? Feel free to hit the button below so we can chat!

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