Moses Lake Sand Dunes Desert Destination Engagement Shoot

For the most part when you head over to the sand dunes in Moses Lake, all you see beyond the vast rolling hills of tan are people living it up in they’re dirtbikes, Jeeps (YAY JEEPFAM! ) and dune buggies, all sort of fun.  But what also you can see, is the lake with desert shrub surrounding it and sometimes so fun engagement shoots happening.

For the most part we had reign of the land there as the sun was beginning to set and if anything, utilized, the sand clouds that people were storming up behind us.

And what can you not say about that beautiful eastern Washington glow?  I love the west side of the mountains for sure, but it is no joke that once you cross those glorious peaks you find a land that has much more sunshine than rain.  And stunning places like this where we can pretend that we really do have warm springtime spurts.

I cannot thank these two enough for us all to travel out to Moses Lake for a destination engagement shoot and we definitely made the most of it.  We had so much fun running around the dunes, watching out for vehicles and just purely laughing at us shuffling our way around mountains of sand.  And maybe one of these days I will have to take my jeep for a joy ride here 🙂

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